Kamis, 14 Mei 2009

a side of my live

I'v been from jakarta in a trip to Bima, a poor little village in Sumbawa island where i's borned. There's something wrong with my ow n mood. I'm so sad, i'v nothing to do, i'm jobbless... cause of the very completecated condition in my life time, my father's death. He's my best idol in the world after the same case attacked my lovely moom first when i's ten years old. Oh god... what's a pity i'm... i spend my long day with "sad n dark world"... day by day, i reliaze it's useless and beginning to think better thing.
Is there something thing to do now?... yuph, the 1th I try to open computer and English course, cause there 's no other course such i belong to. Of course it's so difficult to do that. There many handicapes whether come from internal and external factor side. But it's does'nt matter. i 've to go ahead as can as possible.
1th month there's no anything changes in my own bussines, but in English Conversation i found something different. ASDP Firm in Sape sent 2 important employes for taking private course in my English Conversation Course. I spent my day to teach them olthaught there's no such good animo in Computer Course. During 3 monts in teaching asdp employes, Mr. Muhidin The Captain of Ferry namely Inelika offered me to teach English conversation for his 45 crews in the ship ballroom every thursday & Saturday where the ships parked at the port on that days. Ofcourse I answerd Yes.
Beside having satisfield salary I also 've upportunity to promote my Computer course that there's no good signal of progressing so far. I prepared my self & something neccessary because next saturday I'll be in good instructure action.
Today is shining saturday in Ramadhan Fasting month. After praying Ashar (about 4.20) I's on my way by my old scooter to the harbour. When I arrived, in front of the ferry's gate, the Captain'd standed up with the welcome position and shaking my hand politely. I'm in the ballroom cabin now infront of 45 inelika crews become an english instructure. During almost 2 ours in teaching, How lucky I's, I got hospitality and good responds from the capten n his crews. After teaching, the friendly captain offered me to 've Ramadhan Dinner and praying Magrib together. I's very beauty and peacefull time of mine that 'll be still remainded in my life time.
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